what students say

Annie * The Art of taking better Pictures, one-to-one I enjoyed the course a great deal and certainly learned a lot. Yoke was a great teacher and delightful company. She knows how to generate enthusiasm.

Chris * Digital Camera for Beginners Ms. Matze related very well to the students and was very encouraging and constructive in her approach. We appreciated her professionalism and creativity.

Victoria * Digital Photography & Photoshop But for the patience, and understanding of the tutor, I would have not gained any knowledge. I hope other tutors will be like her, to encourage those who have little understanding about the digital camera & Photoshop.

Robert * Creative Portrait Photograph Her thorough approach is very impressive. I cannot imagine a better tutor.

Charon * One-to-one course, the Digital SLR Camera and 5X4 film camera I learned more in one day than during my three year degree course in fine art photography. Charon has completed her degree in Fine Art Photography at the Camberwell School of Arts in London.

Catherine * Portfolio viewing and career advice A wonderful teacher, very helpful & great wisdom & advice. Thank you. Will keep in touch.

Lino * Digital Photograph and Photoshop I did not realize how much a one day course could change my view in photography... I went home with a different vision on things and place around me. Maybe it changed my view in life as well... maybe I'll keep on chasing the light to have a better picture of life. Many thanks for your teaching.

John * Digital SLR camera for beginners Having turned up with zero knowledge of any aspect of photography on Saturday morning I feel as though I've learnt a huge amount in a very short space of time - it's been a fantastic course which has made me very keen to learn more. Thank you so much.

Lynne * Digital SLR beginners Yoke is a fabulous technician and artist. These qualities and her passion for photography make her a great teacher. She's also a lovely person to work with.

Yasmin * Workshop Abroad - Greece I have attended a number of courses at YM Photography and I have really enjoyed them immensely. Yoke is a very dedicated photography tutor and she is very attentive to her students' needs. After attending some of her weekend courses in London I also joined the photography trip to Greece which was a wonderful experience. Yasmin completed her Masters Degree in Documentary Filmmaking at Goldsmith University in London.

Brigitte * Black & White printing Yoke is an engaging and personable teacher who is supportive of students at any level encouraging them to produce good results and to fulfil their potential.

Terry * Black & White Printing (advanced) The quality of teaching was very helpful and supportive. I enjoyed using a condenser enlarger.

Veena * Printing with Photographic Emulsion Have enjoyed every single moment.

Sophie * Creative Portrait Photography Very good - Yoke created a very safe, constructive, collaborative environment. Her feedback was great!